Saturday, 30 January 2010

Our caravan!

Heres a piccie of our new (to-us) caravan - we sold our campervan and various tents to get her - shes an old one but we like the layout (seats at the front to make up a double or stay as 2 singles and a seats at the back with a table for meals and to make up a double bed at night - it even has a bunk bed so we can sleep 5 at a push) My eldest sitting enjoying the cold weather!
Its boring brown, beige and salmon pink inside (total yuk!) I dyed the curtains a kind of wine colour to make it more cosy but this year intend to re-cover all the seats and make new curtains so will be on the hunt for nice cheap material to do this. I'm quite confident about making the curtains but am a bit worried about the covers - at least the seating cushions come in various sizes so I can try a smaller attempt out first!

Jan grocery spend - £248 (and £16.04 to come off Febs!)
Holiday fund - £50
My allowance - £50.00 (and £15 to come off Febs!)
Household spend - £92.64

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