Sunday, 17 January 2010

Reductions in Asda

OH is feeling better after his op so wanted soup and I scrounged a lift to Asda (too far to walk at 9pm at night!) to get some fresh veg etc.

Got dd a bra reduced from £4 to £2 (clothing budget) and got some 1p bargains...

Small meat pie - 1p
2 x 6 hot cross buns - 2p (now in freezer)
Pack of 4 cakes - 1p
Finest Mushroom & marsala sauce - 1p (now in freezer)

I am trying to avoid popping into Asda as I always spend more than I want but this time of night seems to be very good for bargains......

Anyway - grand grocery total for tonight - £7.66

Jan grocery spend - £176.64
Holiday fund - £50
My allowance - £34.43
Household spend - £72.52

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