Friday, 1 January 2010

Xmas sales.....

Well as usual I have been to the Xmas sales (both online and real life!) so I have been putting all my purchases onto my spreadsheet (sad I know but I do it every year to keep a track of spending) They started really early this year but I wasnt going to spend my Xmas day thinking of next Christmas!

I have put my budget up this year as there are 2 new grandchildren arriving so this years its up to £540 which I divided by 12 and put away each month. I know a lot of you will think this is really mean but I have great fun hunting for sale items or special offers to make the presents look a lot more.

So far this year I have spent £114 but saved £177 as everything was bought in the sales - well pleased with that as its a start. It includes some specific birthday presents as well as some bits for my gift box.

Luckily I went to the sales with my own Christmas present money and bought lots of nice things for me before I decided to be the Queen of mean again!

And tonight I ordered quite a bit online from Marks and Spencers (all in the above total) except for a skirt from my granddaughter for school (bless her, she's only at nursery now!) reduced from £8 down to a £1 - well, you cant miss a bargain like that! would have got a couple but there was only 1 in stock.

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