Friday, 8 January 2010

Just a wee spend but budgeted for.

Did treat myself to a latte and lunch at work today (I have a monthly allowance for such fripperies!) totalling just under £4 - other than that there was just my bus fare (again, budgeted for)

Must admit I was tempted tonight - went on-line and been looking at some of the sales but really I dont need anything at the moment. There are some good bargains but again, all wants and not needs so I am not buying anything! (ooooo it was hard!)

Might be an interesting day tomorrow - we are going to see Avatar in 3D - both my dds have disabled cinema cards which means they can get their carers (ie my and oh) in for free but its still quite pricey at the weekend (and also the 3D is dearer) Never seen a 3D film in years. We intend to have breakfast at McDonalds (cheap option!) and take our own sweets/drinks.

I have an "Entertainment" budget every month - this month its £50 so this will put a bit of a hole in it - will post how we get on tomorrow.......

Also, will be let loose near actual shops - will see if I can go cold turkey and not spend anything else!

(tea tonight was bangers, mash and a giant h/m yorkshire pudding done in the remoska)

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