Saturday, 23 January 2010

Catch up on spending...

Catch up time....

Went out with my eldest dd on Tuesday as she had a hospital appointment - went 1/2s for lunch (eat all you can Chinese buffet which I always take as a personal challenge!) so that cost me £8.50. Popped into Dorothy Perkins and got 2 really nice necklaces and a pair of earrings for £5 in the sale (full price - which I would never have paid! - was £27!!!) Also spent £9 in the Pound shop on "needs" ie bird food, toothpaste etc.

Bought my lunch for 2 days at work this week - 1st day because I left my lunch in the fridge (but ate it for tea!) and on Fridays I always treat myself to lunch and a latte - £5.20

So next Tuesday (me and eldest always go somewhere on Tuesday) will see how cheap I can make a day out cos my allowance is only £50 and I have been a bit naughty and now spent £53.03! So that extra £3.03 I have had to take out of my grocery spend....

Talking of grocery spend - just did an on-line Asda order - spent £59.40 including delivery (annoyed as couldn't find a free delivery voucher anywhere!) The next order I due will be for a months shopping so I can use my Asda credit card and get free delivery. So my budget for this month was £250 and I have spent £248 and pennies - nothing extra to go in the holiday account this month (apart from the original £50) - must do better next month!

Jan grocery spend - £248
Holiday fund - £50
My allowance - £50.00
Household spend - £72.52

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  1. I'm finding grocery shopping difficult these days - my money doesn't seem to go as far as it should! It's not that long ago - about 18 months - that I could get by with £100 a month for two of us. Now I am lucky if it comes in under £200 and I buy much the same stuff.

    It makes me sigh!