Monday, 10 May 2010

2 car boots and a jumble sale!

Great weekend! - first Fridays spending - £2.50 on lunch and OH had another visit to the shops, this time to Aldi - £32.34.

First car boot Sat morning - didn't actually buy much - just love nosying round!
BOUGHT - new mop bucket - 50p
2 books - £1

Second car boot
BOUGHT - Timberland feather body warmer - £4
Necklace and earring set - £1
Cakes - £1
Youngest dds fab wellys - £2

My eldest dd got some great bargains - brand new Evans boots (price tag still on - £60) for £2 and a bike rack for her car for £2!

Then our favourite jumble sale at Longniddry - very good area and its amazing what gets donated. Trouble is its always really busy - there was a big queue when we arrived 30 mins early.

Lunch in hall - £4.50
Too much to list but spent £15 and got bags and bags (including 12 books at 20p each)
- loved the single sandwich toastie machine for dd for 50p

Then had a lovely Sunday visiting my mum and dad who live 90 miles away and bought a McDonalds on the way home as it was too late to cook - £19.50.

I'm off work this week so am sorting out a room a day - this morning it was the sitting room - scrubbed our leather suite (its amazing how much dirt gets on there), took the cushions off it and hoovered underneath - cleaned all the skirting boards, sorted out my unit, baskets and magazines, polished, did the mirrors and glass door - all I need to do now is sweep the laminate and wash it.

This week I want to get on top of my menu planning so off to the freezer with my trusty notepad and pen and see what we have left.......

May housekeeping - £108.07
Extra Holiday fund - £50
My allowance I have left - £17.79
Entertainment - £89.70
Clothes - £11
Household - £33
Spent with money paid back - £376.63

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