Wednesday, 12 May 2010

Baked yesterday....

Thought it would be a no spend day yesterday as I went out with my friend for a walk and she treated me to lunch but when I got back OH (the bank card is definitely to be hidden!!) had hit the shops again and spent £13.71.

Turning into a domestic goddess here! First, washed all my tiles in the bathroom with vinegar/water solution and they came up fab.

Then baked - lime muffins with lime frosting top, shortbread and scones. Scones rose but fell over but everything else was yum.

Sorting out my cuboards isnt going well as its lovely weather and I'd rather be outside! Ah well, thats what holidays are all about!

May housekeeping - £121.78
Extra Holiday fund - £50
My allowance I have left - £17.79
Entertainment - £89.70
Clothes - £11
Household - £33
Spent with money paid back - £376.63

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