Tuesday, 18 May 2010

I must get more organised!

Been off work all last week and didn't get half the stuff done I wanted to!

Anyway, 2 no spend days at the weekend - miracle!

Visited an old pal yesterday who came up trumps and produced laminate flooring for our kitchen from her garden shed! When she got her kitchen done she kept the old laminate "just in case" - girl after my own heart! Not sure about how it will look so not putting it down until I decorate the way I want it - will see then. Even if its no good I have plans to get a small summer house in the garden and can put it in there.

Had lunch out (£20) and came back to a whoopsied joint of pork in the slow cooker.

Tuesday today (so girls day out) but was busy so eldest dd came down and we just went to a local cafe (Cost £10) and then popped to Asda. I got some summer leggings for £5, a new mop and kettle (from my kitchen fund), £3.50 on new school shirts for youngest dd and spent £24.50 on groceries. Then had to fork out £20 towards youngest dd's summer camp weekend with the sea cadets.

Also was given a single mattress which was better than the one I have so chuffed to bits with that. I bought a double seat swing for my patio last year - turned out its always windy at my front garden so I spent most of the summer rescuing the canopy from next door - also I didn't find it as comfy as I imagined so its getting swapped for a reclining sun lounger with a lovely thick cushion.

Made 2 lasagnes tonight - one for tea and one for the freezer - nice and cheap with my whoopsied mince from the other day.

Got stuff in for making packed lunches for work this week so I am getting more organised (have got stew out for tea tomorrow which will be put in the slow cooker)

May housekeeping - £203.01
Extra Holiday fund - £50
My allowance I have left - £17.79
Entertainment - £129.70
Clothes - £41.50
Household - £33
Spent with money paid back - £396.63

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