Tuesday, 25 May 2010

A no-spend day

At last - a totally not one penny no spend day......

Spent most of it in the garden moving stuff about and taking stuff out of my pots into my newly dug beds - worn out now!

Planted 3 courgettes and 8 peas grown in my dds greenhouse so hopefully they will happily produce - also sewn a pot of mixed salad leaves.

Back to work tomorrow and taking a packed lunch so hopefully no spendies tomorrow....

BTW - the Smart price dishwasher tablets worked out fine - so thats £1.79 for 30 - next stage is to try and snap them in half and see if that works. We were discussing this at work the other day - to me its just second nature to water down everything from handwashing up liquid to fabric conditioner (and using vinegar instead when I don't have any left) I also only use 1 dessert spoon of washing powder in my machine. Did make my own soap gloop but find it quite a faff and didn't have anywhere to store it. I also only use vinegar and water for my windows and glass and have another bottle with vinegar, bi-carb, water and tea tree essential oil for all my cleaning. I'm out of Stardrops at the moment - that stuff is fab for tiles or any white goods(ie front of washing machine/dishwasher/frige/micro as it brings it up with a lovely shine.

May housekeeping - £250 (and £4 into Junes!)
Extra Holiday fund - £50
My allowance I have left - £17.79
Entertainment - £157.70 (really getting out of hand!)
Clothes - £46.50
Household - £33
Spent with money paid back - £396.63

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