Saturday, 29 May 2010


Went to a small car boot today but didn't buy anything at all - nothing caught my fancy....

Popped into Haldanes as it is closing down to sniff out any bargains - got the following...

6 bread rolls - 19p
Chicken and bacon sandwich spread - 19p
Quiche - 19p
2 lemon meringue donuts (mmm) - 19p
3 lamb shanks - reduced from £3.19 each to 99p each
Large joint of beef reduced from £12 to £6

Chicken sandwiches and cake for lunch - Quiche and Lamb shanks in the freezer and I'm going to cook the beef overnight and slice it when cold and freeze that for meals. Will be interesting to see how many slices I can get from it.

So that will be my basis for next months dinners - I feel a menu creeping up on me!

May housekeeping - £250 (and £13.73 into Junes!)
Extra Holiday fund - £50
My allowance I have left - £17.79
Entertainment - £157.70 (really getting out of hand!)
Clothes - £46.50
Household - £33
Spent with money paid back - £423.63

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  1. The best way to spend no money is not to go shopping, not to go to car boots, or charity shops. set a day a month as a spending treat, go then then don't go shopping at all