Sunday, 7 March 2010

Money, money, money and a huge craft fair

The stuff seems to be constantly pouring out of this house!

Fridays spends - forgot my packed lunch - lunch at canteen - £3

Meal out with girls from work (very nice too!) - £20

Saturday - up and off early to the Creative Stitches/Craft fair at the SECC at Glasgow with both dds - eldest had very kindly made up a picnic. Eldest dd had never driven to Glasgow and was a bit dubious but she did really well - coming back it was manic - never seen driving like it and 5 lanes totally terrify me - thank heavens I cant drive! Anyway, we all had a great time - both dds bought crafty stuff (took eldest dds pal and another friend too)I'm not really a crafty person - I do try occasionally but its not really me. My eldest has done every craft going and is a fab knitter/card maker/jewellery maker. She bought a felting beginners kit, beads and buttons. Youngest dd bought a decoupage kit,scrapbook paper, small cross stitch kit and some scarfs. I was very restrained - bought 6 glass pendants and 3 necklace cords to put them on (total £13) and a cross stitch kit of a summer sampler reduced to £4.99. I haven't cross -stitched in years but thought it would a good way to get back into it. My entrance fee was £6.90 and I paid the car parking fee of £5. Then, as usual, it was really late when we got back so I ended up buying kebabs as a treat for us three and OH - totalling £18!

Youngest dd is off today for a weeks skiing up at Aviemore with the Seas cadets so off to help her pack........

March grocery spend - £86.63 (and quite a bit in the freezer!)
Holiday fund - £196.76 ( last hol cost £442)
My allowance I have left - £27.60
Clothes - £5.85
Birthdays - £2.97 (mums had to come out of savings!)
Household - £22.97
Entertainment - £49.90

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