Saturday, 20 March 2010

No spend but lots of work!

Having spend 2 days ripping out our caravans old carpet (the people we bought it off had dogs and despite steam cleaning it and paying a fortune for Febreeze every time it got wet it gave off a lovely wiff of Eau de Hound!) and putting in lovely vinyl tiles that look like laminate planks (totalling £21 in B&Q) we decided to flush out the water pipes and sterilise them.

Merrily running the pump and chatting to our neighbours when they pointed out there was a lot of water dripping from underneath the kitchen area!! Help, jings ma boab......turns out the hot water pipe had come loose and our nice new floor was flooded - in a way much better than if the carpet had been in! Got it all mopped up...

After much swearing and ranting OH had to make the pipe smaller as it was rotten on the end and put it back on with a jubilee clip.

Then while I was putting away the wastmaster noticed tiny puddle under the wheel arch (where the shower is). Now we dont use the shower (the shower head was cracked when we got the van) or the basin in there but today I run the taps just to clean them out. Much more swearing, ranting and raving from OH - hauled the sink out and it seems there has been a running repair in the past (consisting of lots and lots of sticky tape round the waste pipe) Again, cut the pipe where the hole was and put it back on with another jubilee clip.

As I said to him its lucky all this happened when we were at home - can you imagine trying to do all this at a site?

So a no-spend day cos we were too busy with the van to leave the house!

March grocery spend - £250 and £60 from Aprils!
Holiday fund - £196.76 ( last hol cost £442)
My allowance I have left - £20.96
Clothes - £8.35
Birthdays - £5.97
Household - £32.46
Entertainment - £70.78
Spent with money paid back - £230.10

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