Monday, 29 March 2010

A small spend....

Just to say hi to Silver sewer - we are in the same area! I am down at Dunbar....

Had a small spend today - £5 in the co-op on cake, feminine thingies and the Daily Record as there is a voucher to go camping for 95p a night - will have a look at the campsites later on....

Had my blood pressure taken as it was high last time and its even higher this time - i'm to go back in 4 weeks and if its still high....more investigations......

So despite the weather me and OH went off for a walk round a lake at Smeaton and then into the Garden centre for a wee cuppa and cake (£4.50)

March grocery spend - £250 and £65 from Aprils!
Holiday fund - £188.65 ( last hol cost £442)
My allowance I have left - £20.41
Clothes - £8.35
Birthdays - £8.47
Household - £32.46
Entertainment - £95.28
Spent with money paid back - £307.25

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