Sunday, 28 March 2010

Yesterday no spend but had to go out today!

Stayed in yesterday as it was a lovely sunny day and got loads of gardening done - not looking forward to the rest of the week and forcast of snow!

Sunday is day out day - off to the pictures - again used the last of my luncheon vouchers and our 2 disabled cinema cards so the 4 of us had a McDonalds lunch, went to the pictures and had afternoon coffee for a grand sum of...


which isnt too shabby! Will have to work on getting some more vouchers....

March grocery spend - £250 and £60 from Aprils!
Holiday fund - £188.65 ( last hol cost £442)
My allowance I have left - £20.41
Clothes - £8.35
Birthdays - £8.47
Household - £32.46
Entertainment - £90.78
Spent with money paid back - £307.25


  1. I just found your site, see you are also in Scotland, whereabouts may I ask?????? You mentioned Kelso, I love that place, would like to have gone there to live but OH preferred to come back east!!!

  2. Hi - I have been following your blog as we are just down in Dunbar - not too far from you!