Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Accepting stuff

I had to bite the bullet and go to Asda for stuff (damn those animals) - was very good indeed and spent £28.63 on stuff I really needed.

Been sorting out my dds mountains and mountains of stuff - and I have been very good about not accepting stuff from her (goes against the grain to get something for nothing but I really don't have room for it) so the charity shops are doing really well from her at the moment!

Popped into Boots to get my youngests prescription and had a mooch round. I love the Sanctuary stuff and got lots for Xmas but was going to buy some more body wash with my Boots points. Its £5.10 (horrific price!) but in the 1/2 price sale they had a lovely washbag with a full size body wash, full size body butter, small hand cream, small body scrub and a sachet of salt scrub for £7.50 so used my points for that instead. And bought myself some Sanctuary body spray with my points too.

I also had to splash out on new bamboo knitting needles - really like them much better than steel but this is now 2 pairs I have snapped cos I keep sitting on them! Must be more careful in future as they are dear! (£4.19) Got a huge ball of Aran cream fleck wool reduced to £3.75 so very pleased with that.

(and spent £3.70 on bus fare and bought me and dd 2 steak bakes at £2)

Jan housekeeping left - £85.52
(£50 went into holiday fund)
Spent - my allowance - £27.20
Spent - household - £58.60
Spent - emergency fund - £43.43
Spent - birthday fund - £17
Spent - entertainment - £34.40
Spent - clothes - £6.20
Spent - Christmas 2011 - £106.25 (saved - £202.45!)

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