Sunday, 9 January 2011

The curse of IKEA strikes again!

Aaargh - its my one weakness!

Was sorting out space to do my OU course on - I had turned my tiny desk into a sewing table and put my machine up (not that I used it very much but it was handy having it there up all the time) I put it away and realised that by the time I put the laptop and printer on it there wasn't any room for books or anywhere to write notes off to IKEA to see if I could get a wee side cabinet to give me a bit more room. Found one for just over £50 and was quite shocked at what you get for the money! Anyway, I settled for a table top type desk and 4 legs - it fits perfectly next to my smaller desk and gives me loads of room to spread out. Of course...couldn't just buy that.....

Desk top and legs - £16.32
New chopping boards (my old ones were past it) - £4.06
New cheap waste bin for my nice new office corner -£1.62
Surge protector plug for the laptop/printer - £7.14
Laptop stand (hate typing on a flat laptop - so much easier on a stand)- £3.05
Mousemat - 40p
16 peg hanging thing (for drying undies!) - £4.09 (worth their weight in gold)
Lights for under kitchen worktop (out of my kitchen fund) - £10.20

So spent a total of £46.86 but £10.20 came out of my kitchen savings - so that £36.66 to come out of my household account

Had lunch (another weakness but working on reducing this a lot this year!) - £11

Then popped over to Sainsburys and was extremely good and just bought potatoes and celery from my housekeeping (£2.85) but did my youngest dd Mrs Doubtfire on DVD as she loves that film (£3 - entertainment account)

Also - I thought I would have to buy Microsoft Office to do my course but found that you can save documents in Star Office as Word 97-2003 -will check with my tutor but if its ok at least I don't have to fork out for that too.

So that's my spending for a while - driving lesson tomorrow and going up to my eldest dds on Tuesday to help sort out her big cupboard (full to the ceiling with craft stuff, books and knitting stuff - she wants to turn it into a wardrobe)I am not going near any shops!

Jan housekeeping left - £138.15
(£50 went into holiday fund)
Spent - my allowance - £19
Spent - household - £50.66
Spent - emergency fund - £43.43
Spent - birthday fund - £17
Spent - entertainment - £14
Spent - Christmas 2011 - £106.25 (saved - £202.45!)

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