Wednesday, 12 January 2011

No spends....

Monday - no spend
Tuesday - no spend

Mondays driving lesson was pants - a month since I last got in a car and it wasn't good. Decided to try 2 lessons as from next week - have enough money left over from birthday for another 10 lessons - will re-group after that to see how I am getting on (learning anything when your older is soooo hard)
Yesterday did my dds housework and we attacked her big cupboard - full to the the rafters with stuff (allegedly a big walk-in cupboard it didn't even have a floor!) It took 6 hours! Got rid of a full wheely bin of stuff and will fill at least another one when it gets emptied - we were ruthless! Freecycled loads and took bags to the charity shop.
She now has everything corralled on shelves on one side and is putting a rail up at the back to make a wardrobe (she lives in a tiny disabled bungalow and does not have room in her bedroom for one so has been using the airing cupboard!) Result - both sore but happy we did it.
Today was work :( but an evening at the knitting club cheered me up - it wasn't my turn to buy cokes so no money spent today either as I took my lunch to work and got a lift there and back.

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