Saturday, 8 January 2011

Wrapped Crimbo pressies for next year!

I really am sooo sad - I have wrapped up 2 presents for next years crimbo!!! Hows that for a head start!
Managed to get all the books and DVD needed for my OU course - recommended price on the list they sent me was £55 - got 2 2nd hand from Green Metropolis, checked on ebay but they were too pricey so ended up getting the rest new from Amazon (worked out cheaper than buying second hand - how odd!!!) So they cost me £26.68 altogether. As I didn't pay for my course as I am on Working Tax credit I cant complain about buying the books!
And our rabbit had to have drops as he has some kind of mite - £3.75. I have an Emergency fund in my Freedom account for things that pop up and I don't have a category for (i.e. the OU books) The vet fee came out of this too (also £13 to snip his teeth)
I have been playing with my new laptop that the OU provided too - it has Star office on it instead of Office. Its bad enough having to cope with learning stuff for my course without having to learn Star Office too so I am thinking about buying Office which I am used to at work - apparently I can get it for £35 - £40 as I am now a student - will have to look into it.....

Jan housekeeping left - £141
Spent - my allowance - £19
Spent - household - £14
Spent - emergency fund - £43.43
Spent - birthday fund - £17
Spent - Christmas 2011 - £106.25 (saved - £202.45!)

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