Monday, 3 January 2011

Freedom account adjustments

Took me an hour but I have re-jigged all my Freedom accounts and am happy with the result. This year I had to put more into the Birthday accounts due to extra babies in the family so as I am not earning any more that money had to come out of other accounts. I have re-jigged my Christmas budget by spending a little less on some to fit the new ones in!
My new housekeeping budget is £250 per month - if I can get under that I will be very pleased but at least it gives me some leeway for treats (nothing worse than feeling deprived!) Got my Asda delivery and will go through my cupboards and freezers tomorrow to make up a proper menu and see how long it will last.....

Tea was left-over gammon from freezer, bubble and squeak (left overs again!) and baby spinach

Jan houskeeping left - £149

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