Tuesday, 4 January 2011

Menu planning

Busy day today - took all the deccies down and packed them away (this time learned my lesson and invested in 2 storage boxes with attached secured lids - lost most of my deccies in the pit of a shed and broke quite a few trying to get them all out as they were just kept in open boxes last year!!!)
Was going to do an inventory of the big freezer but it was too cold so have made up a rough menu with just the things that I got in my Asda shop and stuff I know is in there - when I'm feeling brave I will go out and have a proper root about and see what's in there!

Menu plan (not in any order and have already eaten the first 2!)

1 – Gammon, bubble and squeak
2 – Chicken curry
3 – Mince tatie pot
4 – Vegetable cobbler
5 – Egg and chips
6 – Bacon & cheese lasagne
7 – Beef olives
8 – Roast turkey, sausagemeat stuffing (yes, leftovers!)
9 – Pasta with cheese
10 – Lentil soup and pud
11 – Roast lamb
12 – Left over Lamb Shepherds pie
13 – Frey bentos pies (haven't had these in years!)
14 - Lasagne

Trying to sneak a few vegetarian and cheap meals in - hopefully the troops wont take to badly to them!

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