Sunday, 2 January 2011

Looking back at my blog...

The joy of doing a blog is you can keep looking back on what you have been up to! Last September my eldest dd went to college which cancelled out our Tuesdays which was the main day I always went out and had lunch, mooched round shops and generally spent money. Which is probably why my bank balance is a lot better!
Today we had our traditional New Year visit to the pictures and a nice meal - did manage a bit of frugality in that I used a cinema voucher bought for my xmas and the last of my luncheon vouchers I got from on-line surveys (which seem to have dried up over the last couple of months)
So tomorrow as they say is the start of my new Financial Year. I am going to have another look at my Freedom account as I need to start adding in my cars insurance and road tax and also its due its MOT at the end of January. I have done my Asda on-line shop - spent £101 and used my Asda credit card so I get points and free delivery (both my Tesco credit card and Asda credit cards are on direct debits so the whole balance is paid off in full every month) so its just like using a debit card but getting extra by saving points. It will be interesting to see if I get the 4 packs of Finish dishwasher tablets I ordered that were on special offer for £5. I need to post off my Prima subscription that I got with my Tesco points while they were still doing the 4x deals - have bought that magazine since it first began and still think its the best all round one (I love magazines but have been very good and only get the Prima) I am also starting my youngest dds clothes allowance so will have to juggle a few of my Freedom accounts to accommodate this.
Happy days!

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