Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Another day - some spends, some saves

My eldest dd had to have a scan today and fast for 5 hours before hand so myself and OH decided to take her to the pictures to take her mind off things (and we wanted to see Solomon Kane too!)

First had to go to Somerfield to get more bits (including stuff for my packed lunches) so spent £9.52.

When we got to the pictures popped into Boots first and got some drinks/sweets and by using luncheon vouchers I get from doing surveys on the net only had to pay 92p.

Pictures cost £11.30 for the 3 of us (eldest dd has a card that allows one in free since she claims disability living allowance) OH asked for a pack of Maltesers and was told I wasn't spending £2.90 when I had just got him sweets!!!!(Film was great btw!)

Then went to the hospital - had to hang around for a couple of hours so had to buy 2 coffees and 2 cakes (£5.49) When my eldest came out she was starving so we ended up going to McDonalds and again by using luncheon vouchers it only cost £6.32 for 4 meals (youngest dd wasn't with us so had to bring her one home!)

This all comes out of my entertainment budget which is blown this month but luckily I have a balance in this account so I am still solvent!

Feb grocery spend - £126.24
Holiday fund - £123 ( last hol cost £442)
My allowance - all gone and am 15p in debt to March's allowance (help!)
From Savings - £27
Entertainment - £96.11

Household - £5
Clothes - £24

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