Saturday, 20 February 2010

Thinking about more holidays!!!

Spent all day tidying the caravan out (mucking it out would be more the phrase - gawd, we can make some mess!) and so of course my thoughts turn to our next holiday. The original plan was to have a long weekend at least every month but that may change. We spent quite a bit this holiday so our next one is going to be more eating in the van and taking out a picnic wherever we go (even a cake and a cuppa can add upwards of £10 per day to your budget)

One of the last bits of Scotland that I haven't actually been is up at the very top - from Scourie to Thurso (been as far as John o'Groats up the east side) After discussions with OH he reckons it would be more cost effective to rent a caravan or cottage instead of hauling the caravan up there (he's thinking petrol costs) Bit of chummering from me as that is the reason we bought the van - so we could go touring but I do see what he means. So we have been looking at cottages (they are having a laff - we don't want to buy the buggars!!) and static caravans seem to be few and far between and booked (looking at Easter now) The cheapest one we can find is £240 for a week inc electric, linens etc - this is too dear for my liking but we will have to see - if we don't spend too much on going out it will be do-able - we are mainly going for the scenery and to have a relaxing time.

Was also thinking about summer holidays . Would love to go down to the Yorkshire Dales (went 2 years ago in our old tent in September and had a great time) again so got out the map and had a look......OH suggested not as far down - the area round Barnard Castle across to Middleton-in-Teasdale - I have been to this area years ago (Bowes Museum and High Force waterfall are all I can remember) so am off to look at caravan parks in the area....

(ooo - forgot to mention - no spending today as I never left the house!!)

Feb grocery spend - £95.11
Holiday fund - £23 (hol cost £442)
My allowance - all gone and am 15p in debt to March's allowance (help!)
From Savings - £27
Entertainment - £73

Household - £5
Clothes - £24

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