Thursday, 11 February 2010

Nearly a no spend day and free money

Gawd only knows if I can ever do a non-spend day - really thought today was one...feeling very chuffed and then realised I had actually had a small spend (a collection for someone's birthday) - as I have nothing in my allowance it will have to come out of my grocery budget!

As for the free money - my youngest dd has been merrily borrowing money from me since last year and I told her today she has to get it from her bank account - she's great at spending but not good at paying back! So that's £229 I have never really missed so that will be going into my holiday account (I now this is kind of daft - I know I paid it out but not all at once so I didn't really notice it - strange kind of logic but it works for me) And, before Xmas I managed to gird my loins and sell some stuff on ebay - did quite well but certainly cant be bothered with it again (all that wrapping and taking stuff to the post office - too much work!) I didn't take the money out of my Paypal account (basically cos I thought it would got straight into my bank account - d'uh) so have now transferred it - and guess what? straight into my holiday account! So after I paid my ebay fees I made £146.16.

So that's quite a decent amount in our holiday account so we have booked a mid week break in our caravan at a site near Auchterdar near Crieff - lets hope the weather is nice - don't mind cold but nothing worse than sitting in a caravan in the rain. My eldest dd isn't coming this time so we have invited one of my youngest DD's wee pals to come and keep her company. This will be our first trip of the year in the caravan - hope to be many more!

Feb grocery spend - £90.06
Holiday fund - £475.28
My allowance - all gone and am 15p in debt to March's allowance (help!)
From Savings - £27
Entertainment - £73

Household - £5
Clothes - £24

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