Monday, 8 February 2010


Popped into Asda because I really needed mugs - I seem to have either a glut or none at all (at the moment I have 3! - they all seem to crack at once!) - a definite need.

So got the cheapest ones - plain white -4 for £1 - will do me until the car boot season starts and I can get some nice patterned ones cheaply.

Got some reduced chicken drumsticks - 3 packets for 50p each! so that's a saving of £4.50 (guess what we are having for tea!) and 2 ready meals reduced to £1.74 each. These consist of 2 chicken breasts each with stuffing, sausage and gravy - so work out at 87p per portion. Also spent 94p on chicken roll, £1 on salad (for my packed lunches) and 99p for a tin of corned beef as OH is sick of eating fish and is now moving on to stovies. Also got 8 batteries for the price of 4 for the Wii (o boy is that a need!!!!) - £2.99


You have no idea how hard it is not to keep putting stuff in the basket just in case (note the word basket here - much easier not to get too much stuff if you don't have a trolley!)

Feb grocery spend - £75.47
Holiday fund - £100
My allowance - £26.20 left
From Savings - £27
Entertainment - £73

Household - £5

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