Thursday, 25 February 2010

Quite a dear day.....

Knew I would have to spend some money today...

£10 - OH's phone top-up
£25 - my haircut - always have a cut and blow dry but will now I have a style that I like I might reduce it down to just a cut - will find out how much cheaper it is

Now is the bit I didn't like - because OH was away for the day there was nothing made for tea and I was getting my hair cut after work so I had to resort to buying a chippie (yes, I know I didn't have to but the chip shop is opposite the hairdressers and the smell was driving me nuts!) and cos I couldn't get a lift home as OH was still away and it was pouring with rain I got a taxi home (its a rare day I get a taxi anywhere as I just cant justify the price)

£9.80 chippy
£4 taxi (was mean and didn't give him a tip!)

Then when I got home my order came from New Look (well, my dds order!) she got jeans and a top (pays for it herself) and school clothes (I pay for them!) I even made her pay 1/2 the postage!

£13.75 from clothes budget

Put everything else on this months Household budget as I have money left in that one....

Normally on a Friday I treat myself to a latte and buy my lunch at the canteen but I wont be doing it tomorrow as I have nothing left in my allowance so off to make up my packed lunch. I am sure I have some ground coffee somewhere (I don't drink a lot of it) so might attempt to make my own latte and take it in a flask....will see how I get on with that! Probably will taste better as I get a latte with an extra shot of expresso (the odd time I drink coffee it has to be really strong) Somewhere I have got a one-cup cafetiere that I got from Lakeland (keep me away from that catalogue!) so will make up some really strong coffee tonight and heat it up with milk tomorrow - will see how it turns out....

Feb grocery spend - £126.24
Holiday fund - £123 ( last hol cost £442)
My allowance - all gone and am 15p in debt to March's allowance (help!)
From Savings - £27
Entertainment - £96.11

Household - £52.80
Clothes - £37.75

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