Saturday, 27 February 2010

I love a table top sale....

First one of the year - it was run by a playgroup but still went along to see if we could get anything...

Entrance fee - 50p
Book for dd - 50p
Electric car windscreen scraper! - £1

and best of all, some fur lined wellies as dd is going away on a skiing trip with the sea cadets in a weeks time and her old wellies have just started to leak - very handy and for the princely sum of £1

Then tea and cake - £3 (we had two cakes each!)

Then popped into Tesco and got some stuff - really need a big shop but only got what I needed as I want to do a big on-line shop for the heavier stuff. I am being a bit clever here and putting today's groceries onto March's grocery budget. That way I can put the little bit I had left from Febs budget into my holiday account! Seems daft to do it that way but it really helps me feel as if I have achieved something!So that's another £23.76 into the holiday fund....

I put money regularly into my holiday fund (its budgeted for every month) but that tends to be for our main holidays - Easter and Summer - but this extra money I can use for extra holidays we normally wouldn't have.

March grocery spend - £35.16
Holiday fund - £146.76 ( last hol cost £442)
My allowance - all gone and am 15p in debt to March's allowance (help!)
From Savings - £27
Entertainment - £96.11

Household - £52.80
Clothes - £37.75

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